Club News

A fairly light turnout for our August pistol challenge, but those that showed up had a good time (and got a lot of shooting in before we wrapped up at noon).  Before I announce the “Win, Place and Show” spots for the center fire and .22 events, I’d like to recognize and extend special thanks to John Potter and Chuck Bergeron for their assist with set-up and RSO’ing.  Also to Ron Gay and Jim Gillette for their assist with set up and handling the scoring table.


And now, for the moment we all await, to see who has bragging rights for the month……the win, place and show awards go to:


    • 1st Place…… Chuck Bergeron
    • 2nd Place….. Todd Kane
    • 3rd Place….. Tom Trakes
  • .22 Event:
    • 1st Place….. Todd Kane
    • 2nd Place…..Tom Trakes
    • 3rd Place….. Ron Gay