Club News

Saturday, April 14, was the designated day for our first Pistol Challenge of the year.  And, go figure, just like last year when our first event was an extraordinarily cold day, this past Saturday held true to form.  Cold, windy, misty, and all around pretty miserable day…..  But that didn’t stop 22 intrepid souls from showing up and taking part in some friendly competition.  The new lights in the pistol building helped overcome the gloomy conditions, and the electric heaters helped cut the chill.  And now, the results of our first event for 2018:


Center Fire win, place and show were:

·       1st Place:         Todd Kano

·       2nd Place:        Matt Ruots

·       3rd Place:         Shaun Hyken


.22 Event:

·       1st Place:         Alan Davis

·       2nd Place:        Todd Kano

·       3rd Place:         Conrad Kano


Congratulations to all our contenders/participants and we look forward to seeing you all at the next Pistol Challenge which will be held the second Saturday of June (June 9).