Club News

Finally, perfect weather graced the final pistol challenge of the year with 15 participants engaging in some friendly, triple elimination contests.  Special thanks to Mark Czubak for his score keeping expertise and to Chuck Bergeron, John Potter and Ron Gay for providing RSO services and keeping the range safe (and efficient) throughout the match.

The center fire and pistol events could not have been more exciting as the final group of challengers vied for the coveted first place slot with both events coming down to tie-breaking shoots.  And with that, thanks and congratulations for all who participated at this event and throughout the year.  Everyone shot well, contributed to the camaraderie and created an atmosphere of good sport.


And now, for bragging rights, a hearty handshake and slap on the back, the Win, Place and Show contenders are:



  • 1st Place:                        Chuck Bergeron
  • 2nd Place: (by the narrowest of margins):     Todd Kano
  • 3rd Place:                              Dave Eberhard




  • 1st Place:                                    Todd Kano
  • 2nd Place:  (and again by the narrowest of margins)      Dave Eberhard
  • 3rd. Place:                                        Mark Czubak


Again, Congratulations to all and thanks for making the 2018 Pistol Challenge a fun, safe and enjoyable event.


Dave Gay, Match Director.